Primary School am Sandhaus                       Wiltbergstrasse 37-39, Berlin-Buch 

Listed historic building, village schoolhouse 1905, extension building 1928-1930, Architect W. Krueger

Client: Pankow District of Berlin - Immobilienservice Hochbau

Planning: Reconstruction und modernisation of primary school and fire protection measures. Construction of a new emergency staircase and elevator to the assembly hall located under the roof. Renovation of the assembly hall, classrooms and sanitary facilities, staircases and corridors as well as conversion of the loft.

Development of a general concept for historic preservation and of the color scheme based on restorative features.

Project participants: Site managment and costs control:  Immobilienservice Hochbau and Goller Architects, structural design: B. Goldbach, building equipement: Ingenieurbuero Rehberg

Team NM: Bjoern Schmidt, Annika Lindberg, Johannes Bausch