Café CaDoro at Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof Berlin Mitte, Chausseestraße 126, Berlin, next tot he funeral chapel

Concept - Death and Life

The café was created in 2017 in the context oft he chapel’s reconstruction and was Berlin’s third cemetery café. It ran under this name untill 2022 and was managed by Sabine Maass. Over the years, the hidden cafe, which can only be reached via the cemetery, has developed into a small insider tip, an oasis in the district.

In addition tot he café business, mourning ceremonies, weddings and birthday parties were held here. There were changing photo exhibitions on the subject of death, life, and the culture of remembrance, books by and about the personalities buried in the Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof, many of which were donations from relatieves. People met here for Dr. Ronald B. Smith’s fantastic cemetery tours or before events in the chapel.

Planning: The former gravedigger's cottage next to the chapel was built in the middle of the 19th century. Behind it was the service yard of the cemetery. After this was moved to Hannoversche Straße, the grounds and parts of a remaining tool shed could be used as outdoor space for the café. Inside the house, a small room was converted into a café, accessible via a few steps. In the narrow extension from the 1980s, the counter and a passageway to the café were built into the smallest area.

The name CaDoro and the logo@ were specially developed.


Photo Exhibits:

Pedro Moreira "Zarathustra and the Towers of Silence" from 7/6/2019 to end of March 2022. Dagmar Gester "Fog Days" from 9/18 to 5/1/2019. Elisabeth Niggemeyer "Père Lachaise" from 22. 5 to 8/26/2018, Nino Nihad Pusija "Ave Maria" from 4/11/17 to 5/22/18, Michael Ebner "Ausklang" from 8/24 to 9/25/2017, Amélie Losier "Rest. Movement. Reflection - Look with your eyes ..." from 5/24 to 7/17/2017.

Client: Evang. Friedhofsverband Berlin Stadtmitte, Initiator: Pastor Quandt.