„Blue Houses“ Davos (Switzerland)

1932-1933, Architect Karl Overhoff, commissioned by the dentist and co-founder of the Davos College Courses program, Dr. Paul Mueller 

Client: privat

The ensemble is an early example of a moderate modern Grinson architecture, but is not a protected historical site.  

Planning: The client wanted historic builing research, a contemporary penthouse above House 1 and House 3 and restoration of the lower floors with special consideration to its historical significance. This included the rehabilitation of the facades and the modernization of 11 apartments and building services and landscape design, 2008-2009.

Contact architect: Walter Dietsche Construction Management, Chur, structural design: Peter Schweighauser, Davoser Ingenieure AG

Team NM: Annika Lindberg, Lutz Heilmann 

Special history: On February 4th 1936 the medical student David Frankfurter killed the founder and leader of the Swiss Nazi Party Organisation, Wilhelm Gustloff, in one of the houses. The Nazis made Gustloff a political martyr. In 1945 the Nazi KdF-flagship "Wilhelm Gustloff" sunk after being attacked by a Russian submarine with 9343 people on board. 

Rolf Lyssy's film "Confrontation" (1975) is based on the story of David Frankfurter. The story of the assassination of Wilhelm Gustloff and the destruction of the ship are also subjects in Guenter Grass novel "Crabwalk".