Service Building Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof, Chausseestraße 126, Hannoversche Strasse, Berlin Mitte

Client: Evangelischer Friedhofsverband Berlin Stadtmitte

Planning and Concept: The small triangular site is located alongside the "cemetery wall" to Hannoverschen Strasse. The new building houses rooms for the cemetery workers, such as sanitary and dressing rooms, a kitchen, a workhop and storage space for the garden tools and machines. All rooms are orientated to a small courtyard behind the "wall". On the backside of the building, niches for 144 urnes were arranged, structured by niches with fragments of historic gravestones. The urn wall defines as a spatial closure of the cemetery. The facades have two "faces". The facade of the functional area is plastered, the facades orientated to the cemetery were cladded with sandstone, in a colour that refers to the sandy paths of the cemetery.

Previous to construction archaeological excavations were conducted, the findings influenced the construction of the foundations. 

Project particiipants: structural engineer: Ingenieurbüro Jockwer, technical building services: Ingenieurbüro Rehberg

Team NM: Johannes Bausch, Lutz Heilmann, Annika Lindberg, Melf Feddersen in Büro Goller Architekten