Residential Building "G", Lehrter Strasse Mittelbereich, 10557 Berlin

Client: Groth Gruppe

City Planning: participation in Masterplan Workshop for the whole site with 1.000 units (NM + 7 other offices)

Planning: Building G, Lph 2-5

Planning and Construction: 2014-19

Building G is an 8 storey housing block with 83 rental apartments located on the southern tip of the extensive midtown site close to the Berlin Central Train Station and to the German Governmental District.

The „L“-shaped building is set against two firewalls of buildings from the End of the XIXth century (a former warehouse and a housing block) and has a narrow courtyard and two facades oriented towards the high speed railway tracks. Acoustics were a major issue along the design process; the apartment units with mostly 2, 3 and 4 rooms have always one face to the outer facade and one to the protected courtyard. On the upper floor there are two larger Penthouse Units with generous roof gardens (ca. 100 sqm each). Eight ground floor apartments were conceived for wheelchair users and dispose of a garden terrace each. One underground garage level offers parking for 24 cars and motorbikes, as well as bycicle parking areas and individual cellars. The courtyard´s landscaping design includes a small playground.

An entrance plattform is reached by flights of stairs and a soft ramp and gives access to five vertical circulation cores. The balconies at the south and west facades were conceived as full hight sliding wooden louvres. The design considered preserving and integrating a historical red brick chimney at the rear of the building as a witness of the place´s history as a former railway maintenance yard, but it had to be removed during construction. Completion is expected for the end of 2019. 

Design Team: NM (with Benjamin Pfefferkorn in the initial design phase)

Co-workers NM: Yasser Almaamoun, Francisco Castro Arroyo, Nora Aimée Grzywatz, Tony Alarkan.

Project Data: ca. 10.500 sqm brutto, ca. 12 Million €, 83 apartments, garage level for 24 cars, landscaped courtyard.