Museum shop in the gardeners house of the Max Liebermann-Villa

Around 80.000 visitors each year pass through the small gardneners building, that serves as the entrance for the Liebermann museum.

Many functions had to be accommodated in a tiny area:  The museum shop, the info- and cashpoint for the entrance and for the museum shop, the access to the office rooms on the first floor and the exit to the garden. 

To be able to manage the workspace and a large number of people in the small space partitions walls were removed and one window was transformed into a door.

The building had been covered by insulatin since the 1970s, by removing the insulation a door appeared, that led directly to the staircase to the first floor. Since this stair is used as an indoor stair now, the original structure is treated as an object, it was freed from walls with glas railings instead. The historic course of the staircase is visible under a glaselement in the floor. 

Shelves, counter, showcases and all other furnitures were specially designed for the shop, they are made of Elsbeere, a wood with a warm colour.