Modular Play Furniture Lógica

Client: Logica - Group for Educational Research, São Paulo

Designed for 4 private and primary schools - including a Montessori school in São Paulo, 1988

Concept: Playing furniture for preschool and primary school children (2-8 years), with special involvement of Jean Piaget's research on the psyche and the development of learning skills of children. The furniture line was designed as a game, similar to Piaget's "Logic Blocks". The basic geometric shapes square, circle and triangle can be assembled into various shapes and spatial configurations. The four levels revers to the different Ergonomics ages, they stimulate the awareness of your body and the biological growth as a process and identify the threshold between the age groups. It created both abstract and figurative designs, which increases the flexibility in the classroom. The chairs are removable. The parts can be stored or used as toys.

Material: coated plywood.

Design + patent: Pedro Moreira with Mariangela Martins Garcia