Production Plant Latapack-BALL, Três Rios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Client: Latapack-BALL Industries (BR), BALL Corporation (USA)

Planning: sustainability concept and advanced predesign of the whole plant and it´s production line, in invited „design and built“ tender, together with Camargo Correa Construction Group (São Paulo), 2008.

Concept: the new building complex is set for the administration building, laboratories, the staff facilities, a mess hall, the production plant and the logistics centre accoding to FM-Global and other international standards. The production is mostly concentrated on aluminium cans for beverage of different kinds, with a capacity of 1,1 billion cans/year or 3,6 million cans/day and 2.500 cans/minute.

Following functional requests and several other criteria the building programm was organized in three joint building volumes. They were modelled following the soft natural slope towards the Paraíba do Sul River, avoiding unnecessary earth works and creating a favourable aesthetical and climatic situation. The front building with it´s glazed facada is the „face“ of the complex towards the highway and houses the administration, laboratories, staff facilities and the mess hall with a pleasant view to the river. This building is elevated from the ground and enables the winds from the valley to be „captured“ and guided to the Production Hall, substantially enhancing the natural ventilation of the heat producing areas. The general climatic conditions can be controlled according to the season requirements at the bottom and top openings of the Hall.

Project data: plot area ca. 160.000 sqm, gross built area 40.000 sqm, cost estimate 65.000.000 EUR (incl. road infrastructure, landscaping and production line).

Project Team: GCP.NM Arquitetos (Pedro Moreira, Sergio Coelho), Camargo Correa Construction Group and Logical Systems Ltda (SP)

Co-worker GCP.NM: Mauricio Reverendo