Trelleborg-Schule Eschengraben 40, Berlin-Pankow, Bauteil Thulestraße 39

Listed historic building complex, former village schoolhouse 1893

History: The building Thulestr. 39 was erected 1892/93 by mason Christian Friedrich Malingriaux as 3. "Gemeindeschule" (village school)  for 254 girls and boys, and was supplemented with an annex about 20 years later.

Client: Pankow District of Berlin - Immobilienservice Hochbau

Planning: Overall concept for today's 4-stream elementary school, utilization concept and overall concept for the preservation of historical monuments Color concept according to restoration findings. Demolition and renovation of existing annexes, concept for a roof extension, not yet realized. Renovation and modernization in sections, fire protection measures, raising of stair railings. During the construction period, classes were accommodated in containers in the schoolyard.

Project participants: Construction management and cost control: Immobilienservice Hochbau, Ms. Biedermann and Dipl.-Ing. U. Schmidt, structural engineer: Dipl.-Ing. L. Zietz, House technic: Uwe Dornbusch, ELT: EST Energie-System-Technik, fire protection: DBS, restoration survey: Ornamentum.

Team NM: Nora Aimée Grzywatz, Yasser Almaamoun, Tony Alarkan