Service Building Froebelstrasse, House 4         

Froebelstrasse 17, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Listed building, 1886-1889, Architect city planner Hermann Blankenstein

Client: Pankow District of Berlin - Immobilienservice Hochbau

Planning: Renovation and modernisation of a service building for the district. Design of a handicap accessibility, instalation of an elevator and an escape staircase. Development of a general concept for preservation. Renovation of the facades, the roof and the attic. Developed a general color concept based on restoration discoveries.

History: House 4 was the former outbuilding of the Municipal Hospital and infirmary Froebelstrasse. In contrast to the surrounding buildings made of yellow bricks the outbuildings are constructed of red bricks; including the former laundry building (today sportshall) and a central kitchen (today workshop). North of House 4 there is the former boiler room with a large chimney and engine roomes, as well as some lower outbuildings which define a narrow courtyard. Some of the buidlings are connected by an underground channel system for maintance supply.

Project participants: Project management: Bezirksamt Pankow, Immobilienservice Hochbau, Mrs. Grossmann und Frank Goller Architects, structual design: B. Goldbach, Restoration Studies: Martina Pleger, and Conservation: Mrs. Asseng, excavation works: students of Wilhelm Ostwald School for color technics&interior design, management Mr. Forster, Mr. Griese.

Team NM: Bertold Henzler, Johannes Bausch, Bjoern Schmidt, Annika Lindberg