Mansion Kirchheim

Hoehmannstrasse 2, Berlin-Grunewald

listed, 1911, architect Paul O. Baumgarten, 1914 extension, architects Bielenberg & Moser

Client: Suprema Vermoegens-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Planning: general preservation concept, inventory and documentation with room catalog, obtaining permits for division of the buidling into four residential units with consideration to historical aspects; monitoring construction (roofs facades, heritage-related areas), 2006-2007

Wallpaper from 1910 which was amazingly well preserved underneath the subsequently applied wood paneling in the stair hall, was restored. The main rooms were refurbished according to the historical findings (walls/floors, ceilings/staircase).

History: Builder of the house, Moritz Kirchheim, emigrated in 1933 to Brazil. During research, his descendants were located there, supported us with material from their private archives and came to Berlin.

Team NM: Dulcineia dos Anjos Gomes, Julia Schilling