Art and sculpture in public spaces

Without title“, Sculpture by Amilcar de Castro (Brasill) in Berlin-Hellersdorf, Corten-steel 2 Zoll, ø 8,00 m, 25 T.

Service: communication between artist and client, building  application, coordination and control of the manufactoring and transport to Berlin, onsite supervision.

„Without titel“, Sculpture by Elisa Bracher (Brasil) in Berlin-Hellersdorf, handtreated treetrunks, h= 6,00 m, ca. 11 T.

Service: communication between artist/gallerist and client, coordination of the transport from  Hannover (Expo 2000) storage in Berlin, building application, onsite supervidion. 

„Meta.Mata“, Sculpture by Pedro Moreira in Curitiba, Sculptureparc José Ermírio de Moraes Filho, Brasili, Curator base7 Projetos Culturais, São Paulo. concreten, 4,50 x 4,50 x 1,50 m und 20 qm Atlantic Forest, 2005