SUEZ-Tractebel - Pavilions for environmental education in 14 different energy production locations in Brazil

Client: SUEZ-Tractebel do Brasil

Concept and Planning: Pavilions for environmental education and eco-tourism provide infrastructure in natural reserves. They are to be installed and maintained by the energy producer SUEZ-Tractebel, in the area surrounding their dams and plants.  

Preliminary studies and plans, Development of a modular system of pavilions ranging from 350 to 1.000 sqm, in total 7.000 sqm. Prefabricated constructions made of steel-, wood and concrete panels, on pilars and pontons. Easy assembly and transport into areas with difficult access and limited infrastructure,  2008.

Project team: Pedro Moreira with GCP Arquitetos and base 7 Projetos Culturais, São Paulo

Team NM: Lutz Heilmann