Sport complex Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo

Existing buildings from 1954 to 1982, architect Ícaro de Castro Mello and other architects Concept for a competition in 2003 as part of the Brazilian Olympic candidature 2012

Client: Municipality of São Paulo

Concept: Modernization and expansion of the sports complex "Conjunto Desportivo Constâncio Vaz Guimarães" in accordance with international standards. A large 7.5 m above the ground floating level doubles the open area of the site. A large, second level floats 7.5 meters above the ground, creating an open green space on the site. Below are funcional areas and infrastructure facilities for the merchandising of sporting and cultural events. Large ramps provide access to the green areas for training and recreational purposes on the roof. Large fabric canopies, stretched over the existing buildings, grants continued use during differing weather conditions. The entire complex consists of an Olympic swimming stadium (6,000 seats), one large and one small multi-purpose arena (12,500 and 4,000 seats), an athletics stadium (15,000 seats), a judo forum, an auditorium, smaller training facilities, an underground car park (1,050 spots), a residential tower for the athletes (600 beds) and a sports museum.

Team NM: Adeyori Agbebiyi, Guadalupe Maytorena, Nicole Winge