SUEZ-Tractebel - Pavilons for environmental education in 14 different energy production locations in Brazil

Client: SUEZ-Tractebel do Brasil

Concept and Planning: Pavilons for environmen-tal education and eco-tourism provide infrastructure in natural reserves. They are to be installed and maintained by the energyproducer, Tractebel, in the area surrounding their dams and plants.  

Preliminary studies and plans, Development of a modular system of pavilons ranging from 350 to 1.000 sqm, in total 7.000 sqm. Prefabricated constructions made of steel-, wood and concrete panels, on pilars and pontons. Easy assembly and transport into areas with difficult access and limited infrastructure,  2008.

Project team: Pedro Moreira with GCP Arquitetos and base 7 Projetos Culturais, São Paulo

Team NM: Lutz Heilmann